Sample 2Gen logic model

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Two-generation programs (and their evaluations) express the specifics of their theories of change through logic models that may look like the model attached. While logic models are not unique to two- generation programs, the consideration given to how parent and child inputs, activities, outputs, and outcomes interact (the arrows) and with what intensity (duration and dosage) they are offered across generations is unique and of utmost importance to program design and implementation. In other words, two-generation program leaders are very intentional about the relationship between the activities and results they promote for both generations. This is why it is so important for two-generation programs to have strong learning cultures. Targeting and tracking the integration of activities and outcomes across generations requires more programmatic sophistication than simply offering an unrelated menu of services to either or both generations.

Source: Urban Institute, 2016. Some elements adapted from Scott et. al., 2016.