Measuring Client Well-being: A Toolkit for Counties and Community-Based Organizations

Measuring Client Well-being presents a practical guide for county and community-based organizations to explore new ways to support clients holistically. It enables organizations to explore well-being metrics and use that information to improve services and achieve outcomes. Prescribing a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in an area like well-being that varies by client, program, and organization. Instead, this hands-on toolkit offers practical information and a sound process for organizations to follow in advancing their practice to measure client outcomes rather than program outputs.

This guide was created through Colorado’s Work Support Strategies (WSS) grant. In April 2012, Colorado was awarded a multi-year Work Support Strategies grant from the Ford Foundation and its philanthropic partners to support struggling families by streamlining public assistance programs and improving access to and delivery of services. To achieve these goals, Colorado’s WSS work plan has focused on outcomes and deliverables in the areas of administrative efficiency, access to benefits, outreach, and family well-being.

Source: Colorado Department of Human Services